Monday, 26 June 2017

⛹️Fitness Reflection ⛹️

IALT: improve on finding a paste where I can consistently keep moving in the time of "Fitness".

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Usually in my days of reflection on what I had learnt in Fitness, would start off same old, same old but today was a huge different session compared to all our past sessions. We had an new teacher directing new fitness exercises! But as cool as it sounds the Kia Manawanui Syndicate was all over the place. People joining other groups, doing their own thing, it even got up to a stage where there were only 3 people in one station, but I can assure you there were more than 3-4 people in this group! Though the teachers didn't say anything I honestly didn't mind! As year 7 & 8 students, or in other words as leaders of the school we need to be able to organise and keep ourselves together! Especially for the younger kids who look up to us. In fact we should be able to show consistency in and out the classroom! Basically, like showing integrity which I should remind you is what we have learnt in our pass Kiwi Can sessions. I'm not sure what happened at Fitness today but maybe it's because it's Monday, or people haven't fully woken up but that is no excuse! As leaders we should be able to manage ourselves wisely without being told, reminded, or let off the hook! & I speak for myself to! I am sometimes not organised myself, but as a leader in improving that I would like to set it as my goal as I have and I am also in great moving process of accomplishing this goal.

The 3 stations we had were Star Jumps & Plank Holds, Running, & also Jumps! I thought maybe we would enjoy the lesson, or session better if we actually came up with the activities that happen at each station! & To always keep it changing not always causing bored

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