Monday, 26 June 2017

👻Do we really need Snapchat Warnings/Safety?👻

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Now that I myself ave read this I believe that Snapchat has updated! It is made for location sharing and information that have been confirmed that it could be dangerous for young people. This very week the popular, famous app itself had announced its update called "Snap Map" which allows users to broadcast their location and also share it to their friends on the app also. The company Netsafe NZ have issued a warning saying that apparently the new location sharing update on the popular social media app Snapchat can be dangerous for young people.  Therefore though some might be seeing "Netsafe" as an irrelevant side to the story, people need to realise that Netsafe is a group set up to identify and informs New Zealanders about Internet Safety which doesn't sound so bad. Snapchat say that users can opt to turn off sharing their location and go in ghost mode. Which means the decision and choice is their own! But Netsafe said that the update still posed a risk for young people as it enables people to find the exact location of others users. And for me there's no arguing there, young children, do stupid things as a saying before me once went.. "To be wise and old, you must be young and stupid"! But Snapchat is just giving a friendly reminder that the minimum age for Snapchat users is 13 years old and over.
What do you see Netsafe as a company filled with "Bad Guys", or the ones who are trying to actually warn us and be the "Good Guys"?
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