Monday, 26 June 2017

🛥️Spain's 400 Migrants Rescued 🛥️

IALT: talk about how 400 Migrants of Spain have been rescued.

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According to news article located by a very known website - Kiwikidsnews ≫ (article link) 400 migrants which is people moving consistently around different places due to their job and working areas, have been saved, rescued, or in other words free. However they say in the article that lately Many people in Africa try to make the crossing to get into Europe through Spain. However, the trip is dangerous and often the boats are not fully prepared which can result in many deaths. Which is ad but if your looking for more info around this topic here it goes... According to the "International Organization" for Migration also known as IOM for short, nearly 3,300 people reached Spain by sea between the months of January and the end of April, and at least 59 died attempting to cross. The number of migrants whom are reaching Spain are remaining much lower than in Italy, which counted over 69,000 migrants arriving by sea between the beginning of the year and June 18, while 1,889 died en route.

Personally, I think that the 400 people who have been rescued are lucky people but they could be millions of people hiding that need to be saved! Therefore I think that everyone deserves a chance and by saying this I believe that the more they save "migrants" the more the world will become and be a better place!

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