Friday, 23 June 2017

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WAL: how to leave positive feedback, and feedforward on other's blogs!

Image result for blog commentingAs I was scrolling through my to-do list I realised all week I have commented on one single blog of any of my quad-blogging buddies! But yet I have received many from them! So I made it my top priority to comment on up to 1 of my quad blogging buddies! I had the option of choosing from 3 different students who attend nearly 3 different schools! The choice of blog I choose to comment on was a year 8 female currently in the process of attending Point England. She is also the Point England ambassador for 2017! Which means we have quite a few things in common already. I wanted to comment on something new and fresh so I went for the the top, and latest blog post! 

Seini's blog post was about Literary, & their Poetry! They read a poem and extended their knowledge on it! Something I saw in her presentation was the definitions of words I myself was unfamiliar with, and also tasks based on the topic! I was able to spot and identify a lot in her presentation, and not so much the words or language she used kind of like the feeling I got as I was reading. In my opinion I could feel that she put great effort into this task! I was able to tell how much of the work she was able to relate to herself!

But, if you would like to visit Seini's blog post I commented on click HERE, and if you would just like to access her blog for a choice of blog post to comment on.. Click HERE!

Anyways without further or do evidence of my comment which I recorded in doing a screenshot, on my chromebook!

I look forward in checking Seini's blog in the future to see more of the improvements she will make! A successful student, strives with determination and focus!

Please leave a comment below, with your own feedback, feedforward, and advice as I did on Seini's blog provided fro you above!

Anyways, thanks for viewing and keep those comments coming!
Thanks for viewing, and stay tuned for more of my learning @ TPS.


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