Tuesday, 27 June 2017

📚 Reading - OREO 📚

IALA: how to use the OREO template more deeply and descriptively.

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As a part of my reading task, I had to find an article fill out and complete the OREO template, along with getting on my way on creating a newscast, or screencastify showing the learning I am currently in the process of. The article I choose to read will be provided to you by click HERE! The article was mainly about how fast food slows down sporty children, which you will find as you keep reading! Now, as I have completed this task I have found the OREO template provided as a very helpful tool in my learning. For example not only does it get more out of me but as I release or find more idea's I can them link them into creating and making connections to new idea's therefore is when Solo Taxonomy gets involved, as my goal is to use more and more of Extended Abstract in my learning. 

In the OREO template you are to state what you think the topic is about, your personal opinion on the topic, 3 statements and 2 example for each statement to back them up better, and also your final opinion, which is basically just restating your argument.

Anyways below this text you will find the OREO template I have completed!

As you can see I have successfully completed and filled out this OREO template which is something I was able to have the ability to do in the time frame given!

The challenges that I had identified while completing this task was thinking deeply about how it could affect me. & Also how I could present this part of my learning better, basically in a more engaging way! To mainly, hook in more of the bloggers, or blog readers! Do you have any advice?

How do you think I can improve more in this area of my learning?

Keep viewing, to view my creation related to this piece of my learning.

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