Friday, 23 June 2017

🎦My Friday Night... (Edgewater Production) 🎦

IALT: reflect on my highlight for my Friday night (Edgewater Production)...

Image result for edgewater collegeGetting ready for a early cuddles with blankets, and pillows one yell and everyone was up! "Everyone get ready for Ma'asi's production, were leaving in 20 tops"! Everyone is up, and ready! With me I don't care about the bag I am bringing, or the earnings until my outfit is sorted! So to make it quick it was a black comfy stylish jumper, with a pair of denim jeans! With the bottoms of plane black Huaraches! Oh Yeah, & my hoops! Anyways, enough about my appearance! The production was located, and brought to us buy Edgewater College. My sister was the youngest student in this production which made me proud of her. When we arrived we had to pay ourselves in which was $10 a ticket or a person! When we went in the lights went down and it was ready for show time. The first thing was seeing the 3 people thrio come out and welcome us with a song which I was unfamiliar with. The production which was performed was "Little Shop Of Horrors", and my sister played 1 of the main girls in the thrio. As I was watching I could tell it was hard to pull it off, from the lighting and sound adjustments, to the acting, and memorising all the dances and songs. I was able to develop and recognise a lot for example I was able to recognise Willy. Which was a coincidence knowing that I did see him today before the production at our Whole School Assembly. Anyways, the actors of this production was very matcher which was amazing to see! I would like to join productions like this as I attend college, and I would also like to pull something of like this with an amazing group of people! From just my peers, to my teachers, and also my friends!
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Overall, the most part that I enjoyed was watching my sister have fun, and doing what she loved! Which was singing. Her dream in the future is to fo-fill her dream of becoming and being a musician. She wishes to study at the University of Otago, and I will surrport her in pursuing her dreams, and string to a much brighter future of success and achievements.

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