Monday, 26 June 2017

💬 Blog Commenting @ Ana's Blog 💬

IALT: reflect on how I was able to develop the skills of deeply thinking about more in commenting on other's of my peers, and classmates blogs.

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After reading a deeply descriptive blog post about a Matariki word search creation I've made a helpful, positive, comment involving feedback, feedforward, and also what I personally think this person should add in next time. This person's blog is Ana, and no not from Point England as I have quite repetitively blog commented on her blog but Ana as in a year 8 student who attends Tamaki Primary, and is in not only the same year level as me but also the same class, gender, and is involved with things that I am in! So I guess we have a lot of things in common!

Now, as I have left feedback and feedforward on Ana's personal learning blog I hope to see that she might be blog commenting on my blog! As year 8 students I hope we can actively, and consistently blog comment on one another's blog!

Anyways, please leave a comment down below.
Many Thanks!


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