Wednesday, 28 June 2017

🚁 Historic Helicopter Tooth 🚁

IALT: reflect on finding new ways in pulling teeth out.

Have you ever pulled your tooth out without using just your bare hands? Well, be hold because according to what I have read Adam, at a age of 8 years old had been wiggling, and trying to pull his tooth out for a long time now! But.. he wanted it out so his dad suggested an idea (unknown), which Adam didn't like or approve of so his dad told him that he would have 1 more night until they have no choice but to pull it out. The night came but as Adam stayed up almost all night trying to get it out but it wouldn't budge. Dawn was over and the morning came through but yet his tooth wasn't out, in fact it was still loosely in! They then came up with a solution which was to.. use an Remote Controlled Helicopter to help surrport him in pulling his tooth out. The plan was an huge success, and Adam was finally free of worrying about his tooth.

My next steps in learning, and reflecting on other articles is to... find more information in order to back up my explanations, thoughts, and my personal perspectives!

Something that challenges me in doing or competing reflecting this task, it would have to be imagining how I would feel if I was in that very position! I would never do something like that unless I was forced with no choice... 

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What are your thoughts on this reflection?

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