Friday, 23 June 2017

🐢My Own Tapa Design 🐢

IAL: how to design my own personal Tapa Cloth

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With the task of completing the presentation of the "Pasifika Learners" there came a task in creating your "tapa cloth" which describes you, your likes, your language, your culture, and also your beliefs! When reading this task I was confused but after asking questions and getting answers from my peers I was able to find this easier. The first step and thing I did was list down all the things that I value, find important, and prioritize in life. For example I am the type of girl who loves to sing, who respects and values God, and who prioritizes her family! With all of these came a symbol to show my love for these! With God came a cross, With music came a music note, and lastly with family came my love! 

As you shall view my personal tapa cloth, if you were to guess the type of things I value without using any examples I have used above this text what would it be & why? 

A challenge that I found challenging was thinking about what I like, and trying to think outside of the box! But while adding the unique things about me came adding in what I myself see myself as and not just other people!

What type of person are you?
Why don't you try creating your personal tapa cloth previewing your own beliefs, your language, your culture, and also who you are.

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