Monday, 4 September 2017

The CHAMP Talk...

IALT: reflect on what I learnt from the CHAMP talk we were given.

With the last block after reading buddies, which was at 2.00PM, room 9 made there way entering room 10. We went and met Miss Aireen, Miss Kyla, and room 10 in there. We were there to be given a CHAMP talk. A CHAMP talk is basically a talk to give that reminder on behavior expectations, and just that CONFIDENCE boost to be the leader we really are.

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My honest thoughts, this talked worked. We were able to look back and reflect on our actions as a leader, student, and a peer and role model to others and younger students. Throughout the past days I've been making very 'stupid' desicions... This was a possibility of peer pressure, wanting to be someone I'm not, and impressing others in order to get their approval.

Now as I look beyond my future and think more on myself, and my education I've decied to set a goal for myself. The goal I've decied to set for myself is too.. change myself in a positive way, because with changing myself positively will help for me to set positive examples.

What I would like to work on next time is to be more aware of the consequences to my actions... and the impact it might have on other people. For example if I let a idiotic idea in my head it could lead for me to be kicked out of sporting teams and that way if we are short by 1 player the whole team has to stay, that way my one action impacted the whole team.

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I honestly believe that with a change in my behavior, attitude, and choices I will be able to positively influence those young ones yet to come!

What are your thoughts on this?

Please leave a comment down below for me to view and use in the future, as I shall continue to explore this learning journey I am currently experiencing.

Many Thanks... :)


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