Thursday, 7 September 2017

Technology - Graphics

IALT: reflect on what we did during Technology.

Today for the first hour (9-10), we were asked to complete a design brief on our client, and their likes. In that time we were also asked to create a DLO (Google Drawing), showing images on my clients like. 

Now with the design brief...

With the design brief we were asked to list 5 different people we could create our creation for. At the end we had to come to a final decision of 1 person only. In the DLO will show the 5 people I thought of at first, and also the final client I choose to create this creation for. I also have listed 5 likes of my final client.

As you can see my final choice of my client was my Father. My father is my inspiration! He keeps me going, and also gives me that boost I need. He is a very deserving parent, who supports, encourages, and keeps me in pursuing my dreams.

With the 2nd part I created another separate Google Drawing (above this text).. showing images of my client's likes. My goal with this task was to only use images to talk. Instead of being plane and simple, I decided to use images to express my clients likes.. The images shown on the DLO above this text is the same likes shown on the Design Brief which is shown more above of this.

Our next mission was to fold a piece of A4 paper into 4 different sections. Then in those sections come up with idea's on what we would want to design our clock like. I worked with Toma on this task. Our theme was 'emojis'... 

Take a look at my piece of paper....

What are your thoughts on my work design, and my technology reflection?

Please leave a comment down below for me to view!

Many Thanks!!


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