Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Maths - Reflection

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IALT: reflect on what we did during Maths.

During maths myself and Demetrius, which is one of my fellow peers in my maths group, known as Number Ninja's accessed the presentation giving us our maths task. Our task was all about..

  • Arm Span
  • Height
  • Dividing them
My job was to measure some of my peer's arm span, and their height. By measuring them I will then record my evidence onto a piece of blank A4 paper. I measured 4 different people..
  • Ana - Y8 Female
  • Akanesi - Y7 Female
  • George - Y7 Male
  • Demetrius - Y7 Male
I measured both their height, and arm span. After completing that part of our Maths task, I was able to see that my next task was all about diving these numbers. Or in maths language.. we had to divide the arm span measurement (in cm), or the person measured by their height.

Now with the learning, After I had listed down their height, and arm span measurements... I then realised my next task to, CREATE. I had to then think about how I would be presented my work, to my classmates, peers, teachers, and most important my blog viewers/readers.

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Before I knew it we were asked to quickly pack up, and settle down for Cybersmarts with Miss Shearing. It was ashamed that I wasn't able to successfully complete this task, as I found it very engaging and interesting! Though I hope to be able to complete this task next time.

My biggest challenge? Was to find the correct measurements of both the client's arm span, and height. I wanted to make sure the evidence being recorded on my paper was all true statements. 

Overall, I believe the reason why it took so long to measure 4 different people was because.. I wanted to make that the information being listed was correct. Though I was able to use the help of some of my peers to help, in measuring and in getting there perspective.

Do you have any thoughts on how I could complete my Maths task, next time?

Please do drop down below and leave a comment behind!

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