Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Kapa Haka Reflection

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IALT: reflect on what I have learnt in Kapa Haka.

As always after interval every Tuesday we had Kapa Haka until 12.30PM. Koha, our Kapa Haka tutor and her partner Maatua Brady, came in. We played games to warm us up, and ran through new and old songs that have been taught to us and yet to be taught to us. This lesson was different but with this reflection I won't focus on what we did so much, but how I felt about it. So in doing that I've decided to create DLO using a Google Drive Application - Google Presentation... showing my dislikes, likes, and a goal I would like to achieve in next Tuesdays Kapa Haka session.

With out Kapa Haka group we accept all year levels from years 5-8. This personally was a challenge for the years 7 & 8 students, knowing that our former Kapa Haka groups only allowed for year 7 and 8 students to join. Which I was a part of also! I found it interesting, yes it is a bit difficult because some of the young ones aren't so understandable and aren't so fast in learning the moves... but as leader I shall lead by a positive example!

Forget about the long boring paragraphs, I have a challenge for my audience...! Just by reading, try to read between the lines to find more out. With publishing your predictions as a comment on this very blog post, might just test your ability on whether your very good at this type of thing, or you're still on the track to success with things like this!

Now I want your honest thoughts! What did you think about the presentation I created. Please comment all your thoughts whether it was..

  • Too long
  • Too short
  • Non-Detailed
  • Not Specific enough
Or anything going through your head.

With some of my past blog posts.. I've realised that some students/blog viewers and reader haven't been publishing comments because there are scared of what I might think. If anything I will appreciate viewing a comment. It shows your bravery, and it also shows your willing to read MY work, and publish a comment on MY own personal school blog! It gives me that 'buzzy' feeling.

Anyways, please do leave a comment down below. Any questions also drop them below. And just a special reminder.. 'there is no such thing as a wrong answer, or comment'.

Many Thanks!!!


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