Saturday, 2 September 2017

πŸ“’ Tamaki Primary's LOCKDOWN!! πŸ“’

IALT: reflect on the negative and positives affects we had at school while going through our LOCK DOWN practice.

So today in the last block we had an very IMPORTANT assembly. This assembly to me was mainly about how we can keep ourselves safe when things are going wrong outside and inside of the classroom/school. 

As you know when there is a fire inside the school, the FIRE ALARM goes off immediately and we are asked to safely evacuate the building.. gathering onto the school field located left side going down to the end of our school gates.

This practice went AWESOMELY for some classes, but now how did I behave during this practice? Stay tuned to find out...

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My honest thoughts on this practice, I found it difficult to take this SERIOUSLY because of the people surrounding me while being on the ground. Though I am not completely blaming this on THEM, I take full responsibility of my own actions. Which was LAUGHING, JOKING AROUND, and be very immature and setting a very negative example for those around me.

In blogging about my behavior in this blog post, most bloggers would deny that this would happen if his was THEM. But in my perspective a HONEST blogger, and a TRUE blogger. My blog viewers, and readers need to understand the type of person I am. I think it is important for your blog viewers and readers to understand the type of person you are.. because then as they read more they will be able to understand your perspective on your learning, school life, and outside of school life.

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Now I feel guilty, because of idiotic behavior the school BAND is no longer valid until further notice. This was done by Miss Aireen. Because of my idiotic and selfish behavior during this practice I negatively influenced my peers which makes me wonder......

Do I still have the leader potential in me?
Is it time to give up my leadership roll in order to be lead by others?

If you were in my position how would you deal with this?

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