Monday, 4 September 2017

Hip Hop - Reflection

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IALT: create a create a dance to a song with my peers!

So today in hip-hop, we went through our dance groups. There were 3 people or less in a group. I was put with Akanesi and LJ. Our main goal, or focus was to come up with a dance including dance moves we have LEARNT in hip-hop or dance moves that haven't been brought into our session. We were given a few minutes to create our dance. In the time given I believe I wasn't able to control myself in spending that time wisely. I was so distracted in mucking around and having a 'laugh' with my peers I forgot about the task, and forgot about staying on track and doing the right thing. 

Next thing we knew, it was our turn as a group to perform in front of our peers. When we got up we only 1-2 dance moves to perform which was shaming, and made me reflect on the choices I made during that time. 

My goal for next time, is to stay on track and focus on my group and the task being given. Without a doubt I know for a fact that I let my group down, in our task, and also in being a friend and a leader to them. I hope that next time I am able to make a better decision next time, which would be to follow and listen clearly to the instructions given, and successfully complete the task given.

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Do you know what the 4 elements of hip-hop are?
Well thats something we went through today. If you didn't know they are..

  • Rap - Poetry
  • DJ - Music
  • Graffiti - Art
  • Break Dancing - Dance
I really enjoyed today's hip hop lesson but now that I have set a goal for me to try achieve next time I hope to be able to have a growth mindset and also the support of my peers and friends behind me.

How do you think I should try and achieve this goal of mine for next time?

Please leave a comment down below for me to view and use in the future. Please ensure your comments includes feedback and feedforward also!

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