Friday, 1 September 2017

πŸ’™ My Qualities - Careers πŸ’™

IALT: explain 2 different qualities I have.

As you know Miss Aireen does a program with the year 7/8 of Tamaki Primary every Friday. This program is designed to get us thinking about our futures, and careers as humans, and as the future generation to this earth.

In completing this task I have created a DLO explaining 2 different qualities I have as a human being. I thought about this deeply, and I was stuck for a bit. Then I turned to my peers Frances. I asked her what types of qualities she thinks I have. Then she named a lot, some of the qualities I thought I never had or never seen in myself. But then as I wrote about it, I tried to relate this into different area's of my life. For example my learning, education, my family and friends.

One thing I found interesting about this task was being able to write my about in a positive way. I'm not use to these types of 'tasks', for example usually its about writing about character in a book, or comparing 2 different things, but with this 'career' program for the year 7/8 of Tamaki Primary it's about YOURSELF. Which is something I admire about this program. It helps for me to think about myself, my future, and the next steps I am planing for my future or my long run.

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Overall, after completing this task I have realised a lot. I have a lot of qualities as a human being, but as a goal to set for myself I would like to earn more, as days, hours, minutes, and seconds pass by. I truly believe in gaining more loving qualities will help 'shape' the person I am becoming, and I have become.. awaiting to gain more experince and awaiting to develop more about myself as I explore my future.

What are 2 qualities you have?, and, would you be willing to explain why you think you have these qualities?

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