Saturday, 2 September 2017

πŸ’­ Career - Definition πŸ’­

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IALT: define the work 'career' in my own words.

So before going straight to my own words, and understanding I needed inspiration. I thought about this.. then I researched what 'googles' definition of career was. I was able to copy and past this definition onto a DLO, then transforming 'googles' words into my own I was able to create and understand how I would define the word 'career'.

This was given as a part of several tasks related to the 'careers' program taken by Miss Aireen for the Kia Manuwanui Year 7/8 Syndicate.

With my next steps is defining what I would like for my career to be in the future. For example as I grow older and develop interest in different things.

How do you think you can contribute in helping me achieve my next steps?

Please leave a comment down below for me to view and use in the future. Please ensure that your comment includes feedback and feed forward in relation to my DLO, and my learning around careers.

Many Thanks....


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