Monday, 27 November 2017

Kiwisport - Reflection

IALT: talk about what I learnt during Kiwisport.

With Kiwisport today it was all about Long Jump. We started off with a new  warm-up game. We were divided into 4 teams, and each team has their own corner. The aim of the game would be 2 teams would compete against each other... and we would hop on each 'DOT' before meeting someone and playing 'paper, scissors, rock' to see who is eliminated from the game, and the player moving onto the next round.

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What I liked about this warm up, was people were being competitive, but at the same sensible. No one was hurt, and everyone had a good time. 

If I were to re-do this warm up game, personally I would participate more... and enjoy the game for itself.

With practicing the Long Jump activity. We started off jumping individually with stand long jumps, of with our hands behind our backs... basically anything Coach Allan told us to do. Anyways, with the next activity in relation to the Long Jump activity we would find a group of 4 or 5 people, to start off the group competitions.I was put with..

  • Ana
  • Falakiko
  • Sene
That was our group of 4. What we had to was jump of eachothers last landing... and with using a 'dot' we would mark our landings. In the end we would review the winning team and give them victory.

Image result for long jump set up

Next time what I wish to achieve in the future is for me to participate and involve others. I also wish to strengthen my skill in jumping further.

My highlight of today's Kiwisport was actually giving a majority of the activities a go!

What are your thoughts?

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Muchly Appreciated,

Friday, 24 November 2017

Miss Kyla's Farewell Assembly

Image result for tamaki primaryIALT: reflect on the type of experince we went through during Miss Kyla's farewell Assembly.
From 9.40AM to 11.00AM, was the Tamaki Primary Schools opportunity to farewell our lovely Miss Kyla, as she has left in reasoning to start up and focus on her family.

There was so many different performances. From singing, to dancing, leading to speeches. From all the performances I was able to look beyond their performance and realise the love and determination they put into their performance, and farewell item.

For the Kia Manawanui, it was a mixture of singing... and showing our love through the Haka performed by both genders. As the boys out all their energy into the Haka, the girls showed their support from the back. 

My highlight of the whole Assembly was standing and saying a few words before the end of Assembly. Even though I stopped after a few words and bursted upon tears.. I am fully grateful to have her as a former teacher of mine!

Honestly, What I wish to accomplish while Miss Kyla is away, is working harder to improve on all my weaknesses.

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I wish Miss Kyla all the best in her future with her future, and I hope to see her later in the years  to come. 

Please leave a comment down below for me to view in the future, and I hope to view and use feedback and feedforward with the next Fare Assembly we have next.

Muchly Appreciated, 

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Miss Kyla's Farewell Letter✨

IALT: create a card showing my token of appreciation to Miss Kyla.

Today was the day of the year 7 & 8 Kia Manawanui Syndicate to craft there digital cards.. before having them printed and stuck onto a huge card for the syndicate.

For my digital creation, I used the help of Google Drawings.

To be honest, I didn't find a challenge. I think I wasn't able to identify a struggle with this task because she has a great future ahead of her.. and she's leaving to create her completion to her wonderful loving family!

With my next steps... is to enjoy the last few weeks with whoever the teachers are at Tamaki Primary.. as once these weeks are over, so is my Tamaki Primary experince. And I thank Miss Kyla for showing me that.

Miss Kyla, meant and still does mean a lot to me. As you can see I have high hopes for her future, and journey of a mother to 2. They are truly blessed to have a mother who has the heart of the kindest person I've ever known.

It's sad to hear her leaving... but as a parent leaving to support and be there for the journey of yet again another child... only best wishes and blessed years are sent!

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Wishing you all the best Miss Kyla.....

With tips on how you think I can improve more with my farewell card.. please do leave a comment down below! I look forward in viewing, reading and using all you feedback, and feedforward! 

Muchly Appreciated.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Year 7&8 Kia Manawanui Zoo Trip

IALT: reflect on what I learnt while being at the Zoo.

Yesterday was the day of experiencing the Zoo. Not only did we see the different types of animals they're are but we also got a bit of education with it.

When we arrived at the Zoo we split up into our groups and explored the animals. When we were looking at the different types of animals at the Zoo, we also read a few facts about them... Which was able to be found around the area of the animal. We looked at animals such as..

  • Otters
  • Tiger
  • Lion
  • Flamingo
  • Elephant
  • Turtle
  • Cheetahs
  • Red Panda
  • Alligator
The experince of seeing them in real life reality was amazing. Not only that, but while being in the area of the Otters I was able to identify that the 2 otters were a male, and a female. The Zoo keeper told us, the way of recognising whether the Otter is a male or female. They say..the male Otter is a bit bigger than the female. When we saw them they were currently in the process of being fed. They were eating... Crab & Prawns. Zoo keepers say, not to touch or pat them as they're teeth are very sharp. 

With the educational part of the trip we were spilt into groups of 2 taken by 2 Zoo instructors. Miss Mcfarlane, which is a former teacher at Tamaki Primary, and Frazer another one of the Zoo instructors who works there. We got to touch real life Polar Bear skin, with fur of a real Lion... The experince was amazing! We looked images, and videos of Zoo's back in olden days and nowadays. We compared how much change has happened... Did you know back in the 1900's Zoo's aloud for children to be seated and ride the elephant! But nowadays we can't, because depending on the weight of people of the elephant may damage it's foot.. because elephants actually walk on their tip toe, which was another thing I learnt during our lesson.

My highlight of being at the Zoo learning about the Zoo and the how it's changed positively over the years. It helps for me to state my own opinion.. and share my belief.

During the trip my favouirte animal to have seen was the turtle, because I got to touch it's shell, which was very amazing! Feeling the shell of a creature who stars in most of my cultures Tapa Cloth was something I will value! 

But to end things of Miss Aireen created a short movie just to keep that memory in our head. 

If you were to attend the Zoo, what would be your favouirte animal and highlight and why?

Please leave a comment down below for me to view in the future. Also please do include feedback and feedforward in relation to my work.

Muchly Appreciated.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Questions&Answers - Zoo

IALT: write explain briefly what I think about the questions given to answer.

With the next task given.. I had to create a DLO filled with 5 different questions, and in the DLO I was told to answer all these questions to the best of my ability. Which is exactly what I did. However, before answering the questions I had to deeply think about each questions and how I could answer it to truely the best of my ability.

I honestly feel as if these questions helped me think more, and learn more about the Zoo. Going back to the first task, I believe if I were to re-do the KWL chart now.. the section of what I know would be full. With answering these questions required for me to read the questions deeply and carefully but yet again, I was able to get the job done!

With this task, my biggest challenge which I hope to improve on next time had to be reading in between some questions. Some of the questions weren't specific enough, and to me to clearly find my understanding on what the question was asking I had to make myself the questions and try to think about what I would basically be asking for the reader to do.

My next steps is to create an individual DLO of my peers, family, friends, and teachers perspective on each of these questions just to see what type of affect there answers have on me.

How do you think I can improve on moving forward in relation to this task?

Please leave a comment down below for me to view in the future.

Muchly Appreciated,

Nanji the Elephant! - Should she be moved?

IALT: explain whether I do or do not think Nanji the Elephant should or should not be moved to New Zealand.

After reading the task given I was thinking about how if Nanji was moved some people, would just probably use her for the money she attracts, and others might want her for her intelligence and reputation. However, I can see in reading that paragraph about Nanji, she is in a stable, safe, and a place where she can feel herself. I believe that if she is moved into an unfamiliar territory/location, it could change how she does things. For example.. how she normally acts, and it could change her eating and daily routine.

Nanji, sounds like a very rare elephant of her species. She sounds as if she is the type of elephant who can express who she is.. and her feelings. Her actions and her movement kind of speak her mind.. which I find interesting and really, really, AWESOME!

Honestly, I don't think I was able to find any challenges in this task. It was basically asking me to simply speak my mind of this very topic which I find as a strength personally. I can speak my mind, honestly and straight forward. 

My next steps are to pair up with another of my peers to view and read their perspective. And to also try and understand what their point is why, and define their perspective in my own words.

What I liked the most is how I was able to speak my mind in relation to this matter. It was fun and interesting to me how I was able to read in between the paragraph given about Nanji...

What are your thougts on Nanji the elephant?

Please leave a comment down below for me to view.

Muchly Appreciated,

Backing up my opinion! - Evidence

IALT: back my opinion with evidence of the internet.

With this task it was all about finding information of the internet and online... to back up your personal opinion on whether you agreed or disagreed with the past task. With this task I used 2 of my opinions and screenshotted 2 different pieces of evidence to help back up my opinion.

As I researched more about information that may help to back up my current statements... I was able to find information on Google, leading links to further and deeper info on the topic.

Finding evidence was hard. I couldn't just read anything on the internet and screenshot and use it as evidence. I had to find relevant and relational information to my statement.

I believe that the most enjoyable part in completing this task was being able to see the connections of finding evidence to my current statements.

My next steps within this task is to go head to head with the statements and the evidence of the opposite team. Which I hope to see in a debate between the two.'

What ae your thoughts on how I can improve more within this task?

Please leave a comment down below. Also, please do ensure your comment includes relevant feedback and feedforward in relation to my work.

Muchly Appreciated,