Friday, 24 October 2014

Terms and Conditions

WALT: write an Explanation
Success Criteria:
-Title -Introduction/Definition
-Ideas and Supporting Detail
Terms and Conditions are a part of signing up to join something.They tell you what to expect and what they want from you.
Why are Terms+Conditions Important?

The owner of the Website that you're signing up for could stalk you and you could track you, if you try to stop it the Owner can track you down and stop you from communicating throughout your e-mail.
Under Age
If you sign up for a Website and you lie about your Age you could get your Parents or Caregivers in big Trouble because you lied and the Website isn't suitable for your Age.
Account Blocked
If you get your account blocked and the account you were using didn't belong to you could get in big trouble from Teachers and your Parents.
If you know that one of these things are happening to any apps that you are able to communicate with you should log out of your account and delete the of your phone or Mobile.


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